Verizon is exiting the Payphone Business!

Verizon has agreed to sell their Payphone operations to a California Company.  We believe that the payphone business is important enough that you should pick your own vendor!

 Please call us to discuss your options at 1-888-341-4678

We are a local company with 20 years of experience in the payphone business.  We currently operate payphones in many facilities like yours and we offer personal service.

Now is a good time to discuss the options that we can provide.  We still use Verizon for our dial tone, keep your same numbers, and we have significantly more flexibility than a company located in California including:

“On/Off” switches

Limit the Duration of calls

911 Rerouting to in house attendants

We are based in Philadelphia and maintain phones in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Our repairs are typically done within 48 hours and because we poll each payphone each day, we typically know it’s broken before you do.

 I hope that you can take the time to schedule an appointment with me to take a look at your facility.  I can be reached anytime at 888-341-4678 or my cell 570-947-9456.  Thank you!


Chris Lattmann