Payphone service providerWe are based in Philadelphia with satellite offices near Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and Morristown NJ. We own and maintain phones in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. Our repairs are typically done within 48 hours. Because we poll each payphone each day, we typically know if it’s broken before you do.

We Strive to Accommodate Your Facilities Special Needs

  • We can install “On/Off” switches in supervisory stations to limit access to the payphones.
  • We can restrict calling to certain times of the day
  • We can program the phones to use only calling cards or collect calls.
  • We custom make “short handsets” so that there is less possibility that a person can cause harm to themselves or another person.
  • We can reroute 911 calls to a main desk or supervisory station when the 911 system puts you on notice of abuse.
  • We can restrict or limit the duration of incoming and outgoing calls
  • We can provide detailed call information for calls made from payphones

There is lots of flexibility in the programming of a payphone; we can charge a range of rates from 10¢/minute up to mirroring Verizon rates. We can also allow free calls to certain numbers that you determine.

Just some of the markets we serve

Detention Centers
Halfway Houses
Correctional Facilities
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Transitional Housing
Behavioral Health Facilities
Salvation Army
Re-entry Facilities
Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
Train Stations