Is Verizon exiting the payphone business?

Is Verizon exiting the payphone business without telling anybody?  I’ll be honest, Verizon is our competition but when it comes to providing payphone service and maintenance; they have been pretty good over the years, probably the best (next to us of course). 

But times change and the stark reality is that payphones are not in demand as much anymore because of the cell phone.  As a result of this sea-change, Verizon has had to revisit the profitability of their locations and is taking the following actions every day: 

  • Not paying commissions
  • Reducing the number of phones at each location
  • Refusing to install any new payphones despite how profitable the existing location may be
  • Refusing to install new payphones at any location even if you are willing to pay them a fee
  • Refusing to move an existing payphone to accommodate renovations at your facility

 We can only assume that these actions are a pre-cursor to Verizon following the lead of the other RBOC’s and eventually exiting the business altogether, either by auctioning off their remaining locations individually or selling them to one big buyer.  The question is, where does this leave you, the facility owner that still needs payphone service

Potentially stuck with a payphone vendor that purchased your contract from Verizon and isn’t nearly as competent? 

Well, it’s time to get prepared before Verizon makes a significant move that impacts how you operate your facility, isn’t it worth a phone call to see what your options are from a company that has been in the business over twenty years and expects to be around for another twenty years?

 At Payphone Solutions: 

  • Service is our top priority
  • We specialize in customizing the payphone’s operation to your needs
  • We poll each payphone each day so we typically know if it’s broken before you do.
  • We have twenty (20) Years of experience and have seen it all
  • We’re never too far away from you

 Call us, e-mail us, pick our brain ( or 888-341-4678). Thanks, Chris Lattmann, Payphone Solutions, LLC