How does it work when we replace our current payphones with yours?
We coordinate with your existing provider to install our payphones that same day/time that they remove theirs to avoid any interruption of service.  As for quality, our dial tone is purchased from Verizon, no hole in the wall company.

Can we limit the times that calls can be made?
Absolutely, we can limit the times that calls can be made (3 different blocks of time are allowed).  Any calls outside of these times are blocked.

Can we still have phones if our clients can’t have coins (or any money)?
Yes, we can program the phones to only use calling cards or collect calls.

Can I keep the same payphone numbers?
Yes, we can usually work that out.

I have some special requirements, can you accomodate them?
Almost always, just ask.  We commonly provide on/off switches, block numbers, re-route excessive 911 calls, establish special pricing, et.

Will you place a payphone anywhere?
Maybe, but we will try to qualify your location as profitable or not, with all of our experience we usually get it right!  If we don’t believe that the location will justify our investment, we will let you know after our review and site inspection and offer you what we think might be an acceptable alternative.

Are there any installation charges?
No, unless our site inspection determines that the phone won’t be profitable and you want us to install one anyway, but that decision is up to you and we will tell you exactly how much it will be before we start.  We typically won’t charge you if we decide that you have a viable location.

How is maintenence performed?
We contact (called polling) every phone every day to see that the payphone is working and generating revenue.  We can tell the if there is any problem with the payphone and dispatch a service call usually no later than the next day.

I know I have a bad location because my provider is charging me a monthly fee but I have to have a pay telephone, can you help me?
Yes, some locations are profitable enough for us even though Verizon is charging you, and we will try to pre-qualify your location based on a few questions and a site-survey.  If in our opinion the payphone really isn’t going to make any money, we will pre-arrange a monthly fee.